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Puglia’s coastal trail, from Otranto to Gagliano del Capo, is a perfect synthesis of all the wonders Apulia has to offer: epic views, amazing swimming spots, unknown villages waiting to be explored and windswept, undisturbed nature


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After an enchanting circular walk among oranges and olive trees, you leave Otranto to follow a red-earth coloured trail a few metres from the sea, leading towards the lighthouse of Punta Palascia, the easternmost point of Italy, and on to the tiny cove of Porto Badisco. In the following days you pass tiny fishermen hamlets, coastal SPA towns and ancient Messapian villages, to end your trip in Lecce, with its baroque palaces and Roman masterpieces.

The route is an ever-changing one, as well as the surrounding landscape: from a coastal sheperd’s path along a low jagged cliff to the open frasslands of an Apulian “Savana”, though stone walled roads carved by the passage of ancient carts and lush forests of tall trees. A walk which is also a real feast for the senses: the presence of nature is more and more vivid with each step, accompanying you with the rustle of ancient olive trees, the screeching of crickets, the smell of wild fennel and liquorice and the azure twinkle of the sea.


  • Fabulous walks along the “Tratturi”, ancient roads and footpaths running through orchards and olive groves.
  • The “Cipolliane path”; a breath-taking walk overlooking the sea and named afer the caves you can visit along the way.
  • Historical sights of all ages, from Roman masterpieces and Messapian towns to the present day: churches, fortresses, villas
  • The buzzing city of Lecce, with its baroque palaces, delicious food and artisan shops
  • Great beaches for swimming with crystal clear waters.

8 Day Programme:

Day 1 Arrive in Otranto, Otranto (Bed &Breakfast)
As soon as you get settled in your accommodation, step outside and breathe in the incredibly fresh, crisp air of the Mediterranean Sea. In the afternoon you can visit the historic centre, and in the evening, let all your senses be delighted as you prepare for your phenomenal walking adventure ahead.

Day 2 – Otranto circular walk, Otranto(Bed &Breakfast)
Today's walk is a good warm-up hike, it takes you to discover the small Idro valley, that gives Otranto (Hidruntum) its name. The Idro river spring is about 5km from Otranto, in a location called Monte S. Angelo; the land you will be walking in is very fertile, with orchards, olive trees, oranges and a variety of vegetables. You begin the hike on the orographic left side of the river, upstream, cut into the olive tree's fields and pass by the S. Angelo rock church, then descend along the right side of the stream, back to the Otranto, known as the "Pearl of the Orient". km7,5.

Day 3 - Walk from Otranto to Porto Badisco, Porto Badisco (Half board)
Walking through the maze of the narrow alleys of the old town you reach the new port. Here a flat, gravel coastal path contours around a series of coves. You pass by several WWII bunkers and you can make a short detour to an interesting "bauxite lake", going slightly inland. Following the coast you have several "beach stop", with crystal clear waters. You continue along the coast towards the clearly visible Punta Palascia Lighthouse. At some points the knee high Mediterranean vegetation 4 becomes thick and you need to find your way, but as long as you have the lighthouse in front and the sea on your left you are on the right track! On clear days you can see the Albanian mountains across the Adriatic Sea. Punta Palascìa lighthouse is the easternmost point of Italy and 71km away from Albania. km12,5

Day 4 - Walk from Porto Badisco to Santa Cesarea Terme, Santa Cesarea Terme (Bed &Breakfast)
The first stop of today's walk is the beautiful inlet of Porto Badisco, just before the local bar/newsagent/supermarket where they make great coffee and sandwiches for today’s picnic. Continue contouring the coast following a shepard's path where you will see the typical "pagliari", round, flat topped, dry stone building where the shepherds used to sleep. After 6km you leave the coast, climbing up to the inland plateau. Here you follow narrow paths through the fields. At 8,5 km there is a good pic-nic spot in a little pine tree forest that offers great shade on sunny days. The last section is on a surfaced road, descending to the Spa town of Santa Cesarea Terme. Here there are great swimming spots. km13

Day 5 – Walk from Santa Cesarea Terme to Marittima. Marittima (Bed &Breakfast)
A Leave Santa Cesarea, climbing uphill on the surfaced road until you reach an old gravel/grass dry-stone walled road. Staying inland follow narrow paths through the fields until the Ancient Messapian town of Castro, with its imposing high walls. Spend some time exploring the old town and maybe having lunch before descending to the port where you can go swimming. Continue along the coast on a uneven, rocky trail to the Acquaviva coave. A beautiful hidden inlet and a fantastic swimming spot where a fresh water spring comes out at sea level, a. The last part of the path climbs up the thickly forested Acquaviva valley towards Marittima. km 11,5.

Day 6 – Walk from Marittima to Marina Serra. Marina Sera (Half board)
After buying a good sandwich in Marittima you initially follow a surfaced road that winds it’s way through orchards of immense olive trees. You then the first of several traditional "tratturi", a system of ancient roads and footpaths used by the locals to go down to the sea or to connect villages and orchards. Each stone tells the story of a hard peasant life The sea is in front of you when you descend to Tricase Porto, where you can taste a good "caffè in ghiaccio" (iced coffee) and go for a swim. From here you have some asphalt to today’s final destination: Marina Serra a small coastal hamlet with great swimming spots. km13,5

Day 7 – Walk from Marina Serra to Gagliano del Capo – train to Lecce, Lecce (Bed &Breakfast)
The last day’s walk starts with a short uphill trail called "enemy's path", Sentiero del Nemico: the ideal place to lay an ambush to unexpected visitors in the old times... After some asphalt on the costal road the walk goes back inland on more ancient "tratturi", finally reaching Novaglie, a nice rocky beach stop. Here starts the breathtaking "Cipolliane path", named after the caves you can visit along the way, that leads you to the Ciolo bridge, the last great swimming spot on this trip. From the tiny Ciolo cove, you walk up the Ciolo valley to Gagliano del Capo where you take the train to Lecce for your last night in the beautiful Baroque city. km12,5.

Day 8Arrivederci Lecce!
The trip and our services end after breakfast and depart for the airport with public transport unless you have pre-booked a private transfer with us.

Getting there and away
Bari and Brindisi Airports are served by both major and low cost carriers. From Brindisi you can take either a private shuttle or a train to Brindisi train station and then a direct bus to Otranto. You can also take a train to Lecce and then a direct bus to Otranto. Arriving in Bari, you can take a bus or a train to Bari Centrale train station and then a train to Lecce, where you can take a direct bus to Otranto. On departure, you can take a train from Lecce to Brindisi or Bari train station and then a bus to the airport.

Accommodation and Meals
Selected 3 and 4* hotels are used in the larger towns, while in the villages and countryside we use cosy, friendly ‘agriturismo’ (farmhouses) and B&B. In Porto Badisco you are staying in a nice, typical “Masseria” just out of town. 6 In all the accommodation the rooms have private bathrooms and a good Italian breakfast is included each morning. The trip is on Bed and breakfast basis because throughout the trip there are plenty of opportunities to taste both the outstanding local cuisine and a wide array of prestigious regional wines. Dinner is only included in Porto Badisco and Marina Serra, because there are no alternative options available in the immediate surroundings.

Alternative accommodation
During high season it is possible that you might sleep in different accommodation to the ones that are indicated in the description. In some cases it is possible that your list of accommodation differs slightly. This means that start or end of the routes are slightly altered. Therefore you should check to see if your accommodation is the same as that mentioned in the programme. If not, you must be alert at the start and end of the routes. In choosing alternative accommodation we have tried to maintain the same standards and quality. We have also tried to stay in the same towns and villages, in order to change routes as little as possible but this might not always be possible.

Luggage transfer
Luggage transfer is included and is provided by the accommodation itself or a local taxi company.

Please clearly mark all your belongings with your name. Labelling your belongings prevents mix ups, delays and loss. Ask the accommodation owner where the bags should be left in the morning.

Bags should be ready and at the reception or store room by 9:00 hrs.
If you are unable to walk, you can always ask, if the luggage transporter can take you with him when transporting your baggage, but this is not always possible and sometimes you have to pay a small fee locally. In some countries there are special insurances for transporting peoples and sometimes the car is not suited for transporting persons.
Note: When you travel with public transport you always take your luggage with you.

A note on our self guided adventures

Self guided walking or cycling requires individuals to use problem solving skills, be adaptable and have a keen eye. It is recommended that you are comfortable map reading, referring to route notes and that you have a good sense of direction (or are willing to work on improving this!) Sometimes route finding, losing your way, finding it again and asking the locals for help is all part of the adventure. If you’ve never been on a self guided trip, after the first couple of days you will get the hang of if as the vast majority of our first time travellers attest. Please be assured that our written material issued to you for route finding is updated regularly and we provide a 7 day service hotline in the event of any problems. There is a certain level of the unknown that comes with self guided trips; however with a methodical approach potential problems will be averted. The freedom of a self guided trip is something that, once experienced, is sought time and time again.

Fitness preparation
The concept behind most of our trips is active holidays and the fitter you are the more easily you will adjust and enjoy yourself. We expect participants to take responsibility for their fitness and preparations on a consistent basis prior to departure, and INCREASE the regular weekly training schedule in the two months leading up to departure. That way, when you start walking, you will feel relaxed and comfortable and strong, having done more than sufficient preparation for the trip. You will also have more energy to enjoy the views, take photos and explore the sights in your spare time, rather than just make it to the next hotel.

During the day is when the most interesting features of interest will be found, and being fit allows you to optimize every situation you encounter. As a minimum, we recommend 40 minutes of aerobic type exercise; running, swimming, biking, hill walking, or gym work two to three times a week for two to six months leading up to your walk. Note the best training is the activity that you are actually going to be doing; walking up and down hill, and crosscountry. Practice this as much as possible. Training should be stepped up as you get closer to departure, to an amount you feel appropriate (you don’t want to cause yourself an injury!). Using your gear before departure (boots, daypack, clothing, etc.) gives familiarity and comfort whilst on the walk. It makes sense to know that all your gear ‘works for you’ BEFORE departure, rather than discovering how things work or fit (or don’t!) on the trip you have invested so much in. Use the philosophy of ‘getting fit to go walking’, rather than ‘going on a walk to get fit’, to avoid problems.

Priser Sesong A Sesong B Sesong C Sesong D Sesong E Sesong F Sesong G Sesong H
20.03-18.04 01.05-22.05 01.10-31.10 16.09-30.09 19.04-30.04 23.05-20.06 09.09-15.09 01.09-08.09 21.06-16.07 17.07-26.07
PUGLIA COASTAL WALKING - OTRANTO TO FINISTERRAE Pris per person i dobbelt rom 7 netter 620 650 660 690 680 740 760 800
Pris per person i enkelt rom 7 netter 840 890 880 930 940 1,060 1,100 1,220
Pris per person i tre mannsrom 7 netter 520 540 550 560 570 630 640 660
Pris for en person 7 netter 970 1,020 1,010 1,060 1,070 1,180 1,240 1,350

Annen informasjon
Turistskatter Betales lokalt hvis de lokale myndigheter krever det.
Frokost Inkludert

On arrival from Otranto Bari airport km 216, Brindisi airport km 87,5
On departure from Lecce Bari airport km 285, Brindisi airpoert km 57

Utstyr og tjenester
N. Participants Minimum 1 person
Activity characteristics On this journey you walk 70.6 km over 6 days (an average of 11.7 km per day). The walks mostly follow rocky coastal footpaths, sometimes through low vegetation/bushes, mule tracks and footpaths and a few sections of secondary surfaced roads as you enter the villages/towns. Though the distances and elevation is not much, we have graded the route as moderate because the terrain is rocky and the trail not always obviously visible .
Best arrival & departure airport Bari or Brindisi
Best arrival & departure train stations Lecce
Trip availability Any day from 01/03 to 26/07 and from 01/09 to 30/11
Information Kit Included
Luggage transfer Otranto-Porto Badisco Included
Luggage transfer Porto Badisco-Santa Cesarea Terme Included
Luggage transfer Santa Cesarea Terme-Marittima Included
Luggage transfer Marittima-Marina Serra Included
Luggage transfer Marina Serra-Gagliano train station Included
RESTRICTIONS Departure any day of the week

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